• Storage Monitoring made easy

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  • Key Benefits

  • Detect failures in your SANShorter time-to-repair, better uptime
  • Diagnose storage performance issuesShorter time to sort out poor performance issues
  • Reports on disk space availabilityManage and plan storage capacity
  • One single interface to monitor them allLess complexity, visibility on 100% of your IT
  • Native integration with the BMC frameworkShorter time to implement BSM
  • Detects backup and restore errors
  • Provides backup statistics

Storage Monitoring

Increase Uptime and Reduce costs of your multi-vendor SAN with our Award-winning Storage Monitoring Solution

Finding the culprit for poor response times is a job that requires more than a spyglass: our solution helps identify the bottlenecks among the usual suspects (investigate your entire environment from the blades to the disk arrays, through the fiber switches).

Sentry Software has taken its popular hardware monitoring solution for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and extended it to cover not only servers but also storage devices: disk arrays, fiber switches, filers and tape libraries.

Integrated as a native module for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (both agent-based "PATROL" and agent-less BMC Portal), Sentry Software's solution monitors the health and performance of all SAN components.

Our Storage Monitoring solution reports hardware failures, monitors key performance metrics and helps diagnose any availability issue in the SAN. Sentry Software’s hardware monitoring products which already supports servers from DELL, IBM, HP, Sun, Fujitsu and NEC now also supports storage devices from EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Brocade, Cisco, LSI, Emulex, QLogic, NetApp, StorageTek and Quantum. All your servers and storage devices are now monitored in a central place with a unified interface. No more integration headaches or gaps in the monitoring coverage!

Monitoring Disk Arrays

  • Detects failures on the disks and controllers
  • Monitors key performance metrics (controller utilization, response time, cache, etc.)
  • Reports on data traffic and I/Os (physical disks, controllers, LUNs, array)
  • Monitors the environment (temperature, fans, power supplies)
  • Detects fiber links problems (external and internal)
  • Generates instant reports on disk space consumption (total and per volume, oversubscription, etc.)
  • Reports on the power consumption of the disk array (in Watts and kWh)

Monitoring Fiber Switches

  • Monitors the environment (temperature, fans, power supplies)
  • Monitors the fiber links (port, light, connection, speed, etc.)
  • Reports on the utilization of each fiber link (traffic, total amount of data per hour or per day, bandwidth utilization)
  • Reports on the power consumption of the switch (in Watts and kWh)

Monitoring Tape Libraries

  • Detects failures on the tape drives and robotics
  • Monitors the environment (temperature, fans, power supplies)
  • Notifies when drive cleaning is needed
  • Reports on the tape drives utilization (mount count)
  • Reports on the power consumption (in Watts and kWh)

Monitoring Backups

Sentry Software monitoring solutions integrate the monitoring of your organization backup products into your BMC framework. These products provide important metrics on the reliability, performance and general operation of the backup product:

  • Backup and restore activity and performance
  • Detection of backup and restore errors
  • Devices and media
  • Log and database storage
  • Backup servers, services and daemons

Knowledge Modules are available for monitoring the following backup products:

  • Symantec NetBackup
  • Symantec Backup Exec
  • EMC NetWorker
  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • CA ARCserve Backup
  • HP Data Protector


Supported Devices

Disk Arrays Filers Fiber Switches
  • Dell Compellent Storage Centers
  • EMC Symmetrix
  • EMC Clariion
  • EMC Celerra
  • HP EVA, HP StorageWorks XP, VA, EMA, MSA
  • IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000 series
  • IBM DS6000, DS8000 series
  • Hitachi AMS, USP-V/USP-VM, HUS, VSP
  • NetApp
  • IBM N Series Filers
  • Brocade Silkworm
  • McData
  • Cisco MDS
Tape Libraries Backup Applications
  • Quantum/ADIC
  • IBM
  • StorageTek
  • Symantec NetBackup v5 or later
  • Symantec Backup Exec v10 or later
  • EMC NetWorker v6.2 or later
  • Tivoli Storage Manager v5.1 or later
  • CA ARCserve Backup v6.5 or later
  • HP Data Protector v4 or later
BMC Environment
  • PATROL Agent v3.6 or later
  • PATROL Classic Console and PATROL7
  • BMC Portal v2.5 or later
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management v8.5.00 or later


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