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Integrating Hardware Sentry KM with BMC Portal

KB1081 - Jun 21, 2011

Type: Best Practice

Description: This article explains how to integrate Hardware Sentry KM with BMC Portal.

Additional Keywords: Portal, BPM Express for Hardware, BPM

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How to integrate Hardware Sentry KM with BMC Portal.


An integration component for BMC Portal is released along with the Knowledge Module (KM) in the form of a PAR file. It enables visualization of parameter data of all objects monitored by the KM, in the BMC Portal.

Note: This integration component is valid on BMC Portal v 2.3 upwards.


To integrate Hardware Sentry KM with BMC Portal:

  1. Make sure a PATROL Agent has been installed on each server whose hardware needs to be monitored,
  2. Follow the steps described in the Hardware Sentry Installation Guide to install the KM on each PATROL Agent. Only install the KM on the PATROL Consoles if you want to use both PATROL and BMC Portal to monitor hardware,
  3. Refer to the BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware documentation to load the integration .par file into BMC Portal.