Loading the KM

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Preparing to Load the KM

1.Start the PATROL Console and update the connection to all PATROL Agent systems where the ARC KM is installed.
2.Check the value of the PATROL Agent tuning variable, “/AgentSetup/AgentTuning/pslInstructionMax”, and if necessary, increase it.

Loading the KM on PATROL Console

1.From the PATROL Console menu bar, choose File > Load KM...
2.Select the ARC_LOAD.kml file, and click Open or OK. The ARC KM will be loaded to the PATROL Console, and all connected PATROL Agents will start discovering the CA ARCserve Backup environment. If the automatic discovery successfully finds the CA ARCserve Backup server installation, ARC_SETUP instance will be instantiated.
3.Select File > Save Configuration to save the new list of loaded KMs as the PATROL Console user preference.
4.Repeat the above steps on each PATROL Console.

This automatic discovery may take up to 5 minutes to instantiate the ARC_SETUP instance. Look for any error messages on the PATROL Console System Output Window (SOW) during the initial discovery.