Monitoring ARCserve Log

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CA ARCserve Backup for PATROL monitors the Activity Log and generates alerts when critical messages are detected. The parameters included in the ARC_LOG application class are responsible for the filtering of the ARCSERVE.LOG file.

The amount of data analyzed at each log collection interval is controlled by the configuration menu. This menu is accessed via the ARC_LOG icon under the ARCSERVE main container. Select Configure Log Limits menu item from the ARC_LOG icon. The default setting is 2048 bytes. It may be set to any reasonable number, depending on the amount of activity of ARCserve.

noteMaking this value a large number can impact the performance of the KM and the PATROL Agent server. Also setting this value to 0 will cause the KM to read all of the new data since the last collection interval.

The filters for the ARC KM are defined through a menu in the ARCSERVE_LOG icon. Select the Log Monitoring Configuration menu of the ARCSERVE_LOG icon.

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