Uninstalling ARCserver Backup for PATROL

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Uninstalling CA ARCserve Backup for PATROL is an automated process managed by a wizard. The wizard goes through the necessary steps to remove <%HP DATA PROTECTOR KM FOR PATROL%> and all files associated with it. You are simply prompt for the product's folder location and the product/components to uninstall.

To uninstall CA ARCserve Backup for PATROL

1.Locate the Uninstall folder under the BMC products directory (typically under C:\Program Files\BMC Software, or /opt/bmc):
On Windows systems, launch uninstall.exe
On UNIX, launch uninstall.sh


Un-installation Wizard — Welcome Step

2.Specify the BMC Software products folder. See the BMC Software documentation for more information about the BMC Software products folder.


Un-installation Wizard — Specifying folder

3.To uninstall the KM, select CA ARCserve Backup for PATROL.


Un-installation Wizard — Selecting Products and Components Directory

4.Click Start Uninstall to run the un-installation program.


Un-installation Wizard — Reviewing Selected Products & components and start uninstalling

5.A page displays the list of products/components processed and the percentage of completion. Click Next to continue.


Un-installation Wizard — Status

6.A page displaying SUCCESS indicates that CA ARCserve Backup for PATROL is now uninstalled.


Un-installation Wizard — Uninstall Results


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