Release Notes

This page lists the new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes in each version of Hardware Connector Library.

Hardware Connectors 6

37 Changes - Released 2017-12-14

What's New

ID Description
HC-819 Add support for EMC VPLEX
HC-681 Add support for HP 3PAR Storage Systems
HC-530 Add support for EMC Unity Storage Systems based on the embedded SMI-S provider
HC-508 Add support for EMC Isilon ONEFS 8 OS
HC-480 Add support for F5 BIG-IP and Radware Load Balancers

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
HC-700 EMC DataDomain: Disk Status incorrectly reported as 'Unknown'
HC-647 EMC Navisphere CLI: Add support for Linux, no longer requires administrator privileges
HC-615 EMC Isilon ONEFS 8: Storage pool capacity may be wrong
HC-584 Dell iDRAC - Storage: Improved Monitoring of Logical and Physical Disks
HC-559 Dell M1000E Chassis: Connections Serialized to Avoid CMC Saturation
HC-469 EMC DataDomain: More accurate labelling of the monitored objects
HC-448 Huawei RH2288H V3 Servers: Proper Labeling of Memory modules
HC-444 Fusion ioDrive: Add support for Windows
HC-407 Hitachi HNAS Systems: Add monitoring of System Drives and FC Ports
HC-325 Hitachi ComputeBlade 500: Add monitoring of temperature, fan, and voltage sensors
HC-76 On Windows, LUNs (MPIO Disks) needs to be monitored even if no FC ports are present

Fixed Issues

ID Description
HC-746 Degraded Controller Status on Disk Controllers for Oracle SPARC T5,T7 Servers
HC-731 "NetApp Filer - SNMP Agent" connector generating false alarms
HC-694 Missing Network Interfaces under individual Blades for Brocade SAN Switch
HC-627 NetApp Filers (SNMP): Properly handle "mixed_raid_type" as the status of an aggregate
HC-602 Oracle/Sun ILOM (SNMP): The status of LEDs (notably on power supplies) did not trigger alerts
HC-544 Sun Iostat (Non-Sun Disks): NETAPP LUN Detected as Physical Disk
HC-515 EMC Isilon ONEFS: Physical disks' status L3 generating false alarms
HC-514 Cisco SAN Switches (SSH): No data collected for statistical parameters on FC ports
HC-507 HP BladeSystem (SSH): The connector does not activate on newest firmware
HC-506 Pure Storage: Physical disks and other components not properly attached to the enclosure
HC-501 HP Insight Management (SNMP): Temperature thresholds not set correctly
HC-489 VMware ESXi: Port Speed and Duplex state not collected
HC-475 IBM VIOS: Errors related to ioscli in System Output Window
HC-460 Cisco UCS B200: Physical Network Interfaces showing duplicate MAC addresses
HC-450 EMC PowerPath: The connector did not activate when using sudo
HC-417 IBM VIO Server: No collected value for traffic and LinkStatus on virtual ports in SEA Virtual Adapters
HC-394 Quantum DXi (SSH): False alerts on physical disks, and various timeout error messages
HC-377 EMC Isilon: A logical disk with the name of "Drives:" triggers false alerts
HC-336 Oracle Netra SPARC T4-1: No CPUs discovered
HC-280 EMC VNX, VNXe: uemcli and Navisphere CLI connectors both activate, "unbound state" not recognized for disks
HC-27 IBM BladeCenter: Fan energy saving is not taken into account and triggers false alerts