Configuring Monitor Thresholds

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To configure monitor thresholds:

1.Create a new policy or edit an existing one.
2.Select the Threshold Configuration tab and click Add Add.
3.In the Add Thresholds dialog box, select the relevant Solution, Version, and Monitor Type.
4.In the Instance Name field, specify the instance to which the threshold configuration will be applied. You can either use a string or the following regular expression patterns:  ?, +, *, ( ), |, [ ], { }, ^, $,
5.Select Match Device Name if you want the entire <deviceName>\<instanceName> string to be considered.
6.From the Attribute list, select a monitor attribute.
7.In the Threshold section:
Select the threshold type.
Set the threshold parameters values.
Click Add.
8.Resume the procedure to configure all the monitor thresholds required.
9.Click Close. The configuration details are displayed in the table on the Threshold Configuration tab.
10.Click Save at the bottom of the Add Policy dialog box, or Update at the bottom of the Edit Policy dialog box.

After you save or update the policy, new threshold configurations are pushed to BMC PATROL Agents with matching Central Monitoring Configuration tags.