Configuring General Settings

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Through the General tab of the Add Policy dialog, you can create a new policy. A policy specifies a set of actions to be taken when a specific condition on the PATROL Agent is fulfilled. First and foremost, actions include monitor configuration. Once a monitor is configured, policies can also specify threshold creation and the setting of baselines. A policy can also include intelligent server-side thresholds so that IT administrators can immediately be alerted on potential problems.




Enter a policy name. Policy names must be unique.
In an environment with tenants, policy names must be unique for a single tenant


(For environments with tenants)

Select a tenant name. See Policies and tenants for details.

Global indicates a policy applicable to all tenants.
Provider indicates a policy applicable to the cloud service provider

Enable policy

Select this option to enable the policy, or clear the option to disable the policy. The option is selected by default. If you clear the option, the policy and its associations remain intact, but the policy configuration is not applied until the policy is enabled again.


Enter a number from 0 to 999.


(Optional) Enter a policy description.


Enter a Central Monitoring Administration tag.
Policies are applied to BMC PATROL Agents with matching tags.
Tags are case sensitive and cannot contain spaces or any of the following characters: /, \, {, }, <, >, ‘, “, &.

Policy precedence

When more than one policy is applied to a BMC PATROL Agent and BMC ProactiveNet Child Server, configuration is a union of every attribute defined by the policies. If a conflict arises (that is, two policies configure the same attributes), it is resolved in one of the following ways:

Policies with the same tag: If conflicting policies have the same tag, the precedence value determines the order the policies are applied. The policy with the lower number value for precedence is the policy from which the final configuration is applied.
Policies with different tags: If conflicting policies have different tags, then the policies are applied according to the order they are listed on the BMC PATROL Agent. The policy listed last on the agent is the policy from which the final configuration is applied.