Configuring the Collect Interval

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BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management - IBM DS3000 DS4000 DS5000 Series Storage Monitoring periodically polls the IBM manged systems to collect performance and statistics data. By default, the polling interval for this operation is set to 5 minutes. .

To configure the discovery interval

1.In the navigation pane of Central Monitoring Administration, click the Policies drawer and select a policy view.
2.Click Edit to display the Add/Edit Policy dialog box.
3.Select the policy that applies to the PATROL Agent for which you need to configure the discovery interval, and click Edit.
4.Click the Monitor Configuration tab.
5.Click the Advanced button.


Configuring the Collect Interval

6.Enter the frequency of the collect process. Use the spin button to enter the appropriate number of minutes.
7.Click Close to save your settings.