Creating the Installation Package

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The installation package to deploy to managed systems can be created directly from BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration:

1.Log on to BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration
2.Click the Repository drawer and select Monitoring Repository.
3.Click Add Add.
4.Select the operating system and platform for which you want to create a package. The components available in the repository for the selected operating system and platform are displayed.
5.Select the Installation Package Component:
From the Available components list, select the relevant component.
From the Version list, select the latest version.
Click the right arrow ArrowButton button to move the component into the Selected Components list
noteBy default, the appropriate BMC PATROL Agent for the operating system and platform that you chose is included in the Selected components list.
Click Next. The Add Component Installation Package wizard is displayed.
6.Go through the wizard and specify the required PATROL information. The Installation Package Details is displayed:
7.Verify that:
the operating system and platform are correct
the components that you want to include are listed in the Included Components list.
8.Provide the following information:
Name: Enter a unique name for the package.
(Optional) Description: Enter a description of the package. The description is displayed in the Monitoring Installation Packages list on the Monitoring Repository window.
Format: Select a file compression format for the package.
9.Click Save Installation Package.
10.Click Close. The package is now available in the Monitoring Installation Packages list.


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