Downloading the Installation Package

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You can download an installation package and install the components on one or more hosts. The installation runs silently with the information entered during package creation.

If you defined the BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service variable for PATROL Agents in the installation package, ensure the agents are started in phases. Do not start newly deployed agents all at once. Start and configure monitoring for the agents in planned phases to reduce the performance impact on the Integration Service nodes and on the BMC ProactiveNet Server associated with the automatic workflow process.

1.Log on to BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration from the computer on which the PATROL Agent is installed.
2.Click the Repository drawer and select Monitoring Repository.
3.(Optional) To filter the list of installation packages, select an operating system from the Filter by Operating System list.
4.Click the link for the installation package that you want to download.
5.Through the browser's download dialog box, save the installation package.


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