Identifying Busiest Logical Drives

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To identify the logical drives that generate the most traffic on the subsystem, use the Transfer Byte Rate attribute of the IBM DS Logical Drive monitor type. BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management - IBM DS3000 DS4000 DS5000 Series Storage Monitoring offers you two methods to visually represent a logical drive traffic.

Identify the busiest logical drives

1.Log on to the BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console.
2.Display the list of devices monitored by BPPM:
In the Navigation frame, select the Main drawer.
Click Devices.
Click Btn_GridView to display the list of devices in a grid.
3.Click the subsystem of the logical drives you need to compare the activity.


Selecting a Device

4.The list of monitors for your device is displayed. Select the first logical drive for which you need to view the activity.


Displaying the Monitors

5.Click Btn_Graph for the chosen disk array.
6.By default, the Transfer Byte Rate attribute is already displayed.
7.Add the graph to the view:
Click Btn_GraphToView. The following pop-up is displayed:


Adding a Graph to View - Step 1

Click Add to View.


Adding a Graph to View - Step 2

In the View Title field, type Busiest Logical Drives and click Add View. The View created successfully message appears. Click Close.
8.The Busiest Logical Drives view is now created and available under the Views & Graphs drawer in the Navigation pane.
9.Create a graph for all the other logical drives you wish to compare and add them to the Busiest Logical Drives view.