Importing the Monitoring Solution into Central Administration

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The BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Repository includes the current versions of the BMC PATROL Agent and BMC PATROL Monitoring Solutions that you can use with BMC ProactiveNet. If the version available in the Repository does not correspond to the latest one, you will have to manually import it:

1.Log on to BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration.
2.Click the Repository drawer and select Manage Repository.
3.Check that the version of the BMC component available is actually the latest one. If not, download the latest version corresponding to your operating system (Windows or UNIX/Linux) available on the Sentry Software Website and save it on the local computer from which you are running the Central Monitoring Administration web-based console.
4.From the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration, click Import Import.
5.Select Single solution.
6.Browse to the .zip source file.
7.Click Import.

The selected archive file is imported to the repository.

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