Release Notes

This page lists the new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes in each version of Storage Intelligence Library.

Storage Intelligence 5

5 Changes - Released 2020-11-03

What's New

ID Description
SI-89 Storage Intelligence Adapters contain hardware connector information in order to trigger hardware monitoring if configured by the user
SI-74 New metrics added to Storage Intelligence Adapters

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
SI-124 Add support for IBM DS888x (WBEM)
SI-111 Rename Red Hat Ceph (REST) to Ceph (REST)
SI-83 NetApp SolidFire (REST): The controller's memory size should report the sum of all available memory values

Storage Intelligence 3

3 Changes - Released 2020-08-21

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
SI-81 Add support for Dell EMC ScaleIO (REST)
SI-53 Add support for Dell EMC SC Series (REST)
SI-14 Add support for IBM Spectrum Scale (REST)
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