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What is Monitoring Studio?

TrueSight Operations Management - Monitoring Studio is a powerful solution designed to help IT administrators fulfill their custom monitoring needs. This toolbox enables you to monitor almost any technology (application, server, device, etc.) for which there is no out-of-the-box monitoring solution. In a few clicks, you can cover up to 100% of your technologies in your BMC monitoring environment. Compatible with Linux/UNIX and Windows, Monitoring Studio is a simple and effective way to rapidly deploy the monitoring of custom technologies without any coding. It also has the benefits of a “standard” solution: maintenance, updates, patches, etc. to further respond to growing technological needs for specific business-critical technologies.

Monitoring Studio is designed to seamlessly integrate with Central Monitoring Administration and TrueSight Operations Management. Refer to the Installing the Monitoring Solution chapter for detailed information about the installation procedure.

What to Monitor with Monitoring Studio?

Monitoring Studio offers a large choice of tools easily configurable to create and monitor your own custom collection of components locally and remotely, such as software applications, processes, files, folders, Nagios plugins, Windows services, event logs, etc.

With Monitoring Studio, you will also be able to analyze database queries and Web requests for example, and perform string searches, extract numeric values from monitored components result outputs. See chapter User Goals and Features to know more about all the monitoring tools offered with Monitoring Studio.

Key Concepts and Terminology

Here is a list of definitions for concepts and terms used in this documentation:

Central Monitoring Administration is the Console that allows Administrators to configure all the elements required to monitor technologies in an IT environment. Central Monitoring Administration is also referred to as CMA in this document. For detailed information about this product, refer to the official documentation provided on the BMC Web site.
TrueSight Operations Management is the platform where the data collected by monitoring solutions, such as Monitoring Studio, is made available to Administrators.
A Technology refers to any component that can be monitored via Monitoring Studio, for example an application, a server, a device, a database, a process, etc.
TrueSight Operations Management - Monitoring Studio is the official name of the product described in this document. It can also be referred to as Monitoring Studio.
A Policy refers to a group of user-defined settings that CMA uses to configure monitoring solutions, such as Monitoring Studio. A policy is applied when CMA receives a request from the BMC PATROL Agents that match the Agent selection properties in the policy.
A Monitor Group is designed to gather a host and its related Monitors (monitoring tools). This grouping facilitates the management of Monitors. A Monitor Group can be named after the technology it monitors to easily distinguish Monitor Groups in the BMC Consoles.
A Host is typically a device on which the technology you wish to monitor is installed. Monitoring Studio creates instances of hosts and displays them in TrueSight Operations Management.
Monitors are the monitoring tools that you need to configure for monitoring a specific technology. They also refer to the instances of these monitoring tools.

Documentation Scope

This user guide provides detailed information about concepts and operating procedures directly in connection with the use of TrueSight Operations Management - Monitoring Studio. Other considerations relating to configuring or operating Central Monitoring Administration or TrueSight Operations Management are NOT included in this document. For information about BMC products, please refer to BMC support Web site.