Release Notes

This page lists the new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes in each version of Monitoring Studio X.

Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL 10.1.02

10 Changes - Released 2020-03-26

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
SWSY-4234 Web UI: System uptime is displayed in the Agent Information page
SWSY-4224 Numeric Value Extraction: Values suffixed with '%', 'KiB', 'MiB' or 'GiB' are supported
SWSY-4221 Web UI: Previous LOG files of the PATROL Agent (*.errs.~1~, etc.) can be downloaded from the Agent Information page
SWSY-4134 Polling of SNMP tables now supports ranges for column numbers

Fixed Issues

ID Description
SWSY-4232 Dynamic Objects are not created on a Text Pre-Processing object during the first discovery upon agent startup
SWSY-4231 Numeric Value Extraction: Delta per Minute and Delta per Hour values are incorrect
SWSY-4229 Web UI: Studio page shows incorrect System Type when Monitored Hosts are configured through a policy in TrueSight
SWSY-4228 Web UI: In some cases, the links in the grey bar under the Studio tab don't scroll to the corresponding section
SWSY-4226 Web UI: The interface fails to load in the browser when the version of the PATROL Agent is 20.x
SWSY-4219 Accessing the Web UI through TrueSight when the KM is not loaded causes 100% processor time usage by the PATROL Agent

Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL 10.1.01

7 Changes - Released 2020-01-30

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
SWSY-4213 Web UI: The Studio page loads faster, even with large number of defined Monitors
SWSY-4198 Monitoring Studio discovery and overall responsiveness have been greatly optimized

Fixed Issues

ID Description
SWSY-4212 Web UI: The Console fails to load details for instances with Text parameters containing special characters
SWSY-4206 In TrueSight CMA, deployment of the KM is reported as failed on Linux and UNIX systems, KM is not preloaded
SWSY-4203 TSPS stops working after configuration of Monitoring Studio X Component
SWSY-4132 Pause monitoring automatically resumes after 1 hour
SWSY-4062 Monitoring Studio allows Host SNMP checks even if SNMP is disabled

Monitoring Studio KM for PATROL 10.1.00

23 Changes - Released 2019-12-17

What's New

ID Description
SWSY-4112 Interactive System Shell and PSL Playground
SWSY-4111 Monitoring Studio X User Interface Can Be Accessed Through TrueSight Presentation Server

Changes and Improvements

ID Description
SWSY-4183 Parameters of the main "Monitoring Studio X" instance are collected every 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds
SWSY-4178 Expose the version of Monitoring Studio to PSL and Web UI
SWSY-4128 Database Query: Support for MySQL Server version 8
SWSY-4078 SSH: Support for SHA2 algorithms for HMAC and Kex
SWSY-4074 Database Query: Connection to Oracle Database is now made with Service Name instead of Database Name
SWSY-4073 Web UI: Time scale of graphs must show 1:00, 1:05, 1:10, etc. rather than 0.59, 1:04, 1:09, etc.
SWSY-4071 File System: New parameter "Present" to monitor the presence of the file system
SWSY-3625 Add the possibility to change the certificate of the HTTPS server

Fixed Issues

ID Description
SWSY-4182 Web UI: Modal when importing an existing Template gets truncated (top is hidden by main nav bar)
SWSY-4176 When running in a Container, the HTTP server delivers an authentication token that does not apply to correct port number
SWSY-4169 Command Line: Multibyte charsets are not supported through SSH and result gets truncated
SWSY-4158 Folder: Parameter NewFileRate is not collected
SWSY-4155 HTTP Request: HTTP request body is malformed when configured as a JSON form
SWSY-4154 %{PASSWORD} macros are not translated in HTTP Requests, Database Queries and PSL Scripts
SWSY-4127 KM-level Configuration Mode (CMA or Classic) is overriden by Agent-level Configuration Mode
SWSY-4118 Web UI: In rare occasions, the Events Auto-Refresh thread would remain active even after the user leaves the view
SWSY-4108 String Search: Non-applicable Acknowledging Options are visible when String Search reports "Matches in Current Collect Only"
SWSY-4106 String Search: The %{LAST_MATCHING_LINES} parameter does not properly report on the actual last matching lines
SWSY-4097 Name of an Embedded File in a Template could not be modified once an invalid characters was entered
SWSY-4080 The value of macros containing PASSWORD in their label is not encrypted
SWSY-4070 Web UI: Searching in the online documentation does not produce any result
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