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Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL (or VVM KM) helps you ensure that your Veritas Volume Manager installations run efficiently 24 hours a day.

The KM more especially monitors:

Server: monitors overall health of the Veritas Volume Manager and its critical daemons.

Disks and Multi Paths: monitors the health of disk devices and dynamic multi-pathing (DMP).

Logs: checks regularly for any error in the system and event logs and monitors the log space utilization.

Logical Volumes: automatically discovers and monitors volumes, plexes and subdisks.

Replication (VVR): monitors status and performance of replicated volume groups (RVGs) and replication links (RLINKs).

Performance: collects I/O performance statistics at disk, volume, plex & subdisk levels to help identify any bottleneck.

All the information collected is grouped into application classes and displayed in the PATROL Console. Alarms and warnings inform you when a suspicious behavior is detected; thus allowing you to quickly and clearly identify peaks, troughs and trends in the performance of your backup resources.

noteRefer to the Reference Guide for more information about the application classes.