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Legacy Solution

The solution has been withdrawn in May 2016 and limited support is only provided for existing customers until December 2019.

Storage Automation

Storage Automation

Managing storage without boundaries.


Storage Automation by Sentry Software extends the capabilities of BMC Atrium Orchestrator to automate the management of storage in a SAN. Combined with BMC's servers and network automation tools, the solution allows administrators to implement provisioning and decommissioning workflows that cover all layers of their IT infrastructure. Sentry Software Adapters for BMC Atrium Orchestrator constitute a key asset to a successful cloud computing implementation.

Automation simply explained

Automate your Data Center with the Sentry Software's Adapters for BMC Atrium Orchestrator.

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Meet Bertrand Martin, Sentry Software's CEO, and learn more about Sentry's solutions to optimize and monitor storage. Watch the video - 7'45
Optimize <span>Operational Efficiency</span> through SAN Orchestration

Optimize Operational Efficiency through SAN Orchestration

  • Automated management of the major SAN equipment vendors
  • Customizable scenarios to automate routine SAN maintenance tasks
  • Virtualized provisioning processes applicable to multiple storage vendors
  • Powerful automated workflows and scenarios that cover all layers of a SAN IT infrastructure

Avoid Human and Process Errors Leading to Service Disruptions

  • Reliable policy-based routines for increased consistency
  • Considerable cut down on manual work for better optimization of IT resource allocation
  • Substantial reduction of most common problems and their mean time to resolve
  • Reduced outages or malfunctions caused by configuration errors
Avoid <span>Human and Process Errors</span> Leading to Service Disruptions
Rationalize <span>IT Expenses</span>

Rationalize IT Expenses

  • Reduced risks of errors and delays that can lower productivity and disrupt business operations
  • Cut down of operational costs by relieving staff from low-value, manual tasks
  • Accurate budgeting based on predictable and consistent performance

Manage Storage and Backup Resources with More Efficiency

  • Easy-to-use provisioning workflows based on ITIL standards to match IT professional needs
  • Beneficial integration of storage allocation and backup operations into efficient provisioning scenarios
  • Centralized reusable workflows to reduce configuration time and replication efforts
  • Easier deployment of service-oriented infrastructures and management processes
Manage Storage and Backup Resources with <span>More Efficiency</span>
Storage Automation

Key Benefits

Improve service quality

Eliminate service disruptions that result from operator and process errors

Reduce MTTR

Reduce mean time to repair by relying on accelerated, standardized, and policy-based response to events

Gain greater agility

Change business conditions through automatic storage configuration and provisioning

Reduce IT costs

Save money and gain in efficiency by reducing the amount of manual tasks

Discover all the operations performed

Add virtual volumes, get disk folders, create LUNs, delete storage pools, and many more. Learn More
Storage Automation

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