P1466 - Improved Monitoring of IBM VIO Servers

Oct 03, 2013
Patch for BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware - Version(s) 2.7.13,2.7.17,2.7.26,2.7.28,2.9.00

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Patch content

Connector for IBM VIO Server

Should you install this patch?

Install this patch if you need to monitor an IBM VIO Server (in normal restricted shell).

What does it fix?

  • Removes support for unrestricted shell. To monitor an IBM VIO Server in an unrestricted shell, use the standard IBM AIX connectors
  • Adds the monitoring of Disk Controllers
  • Adds the monitoring of LUNs (AvailablePathcount)
  • The ErrorCount parameter has been added for Physical Disks and the Status parameter removed (No reliable physical disk status is available)

How to install the patch?

Copy the following file to %RSM_HOME%\RSMxx\SEN_HW\hdf_2x\ on each RSM:

No further actions are required. The new component monitoring will be added at the next discovery.