P1208 - Unable to identify and monitor IBM VIO Server

May 06, 2011
Patch for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL - Version(s) 1.6.00,1.6.01,1.7.00

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Patch content

Connector for IBM VIO Server

Should you install this patch?

This patch should be installed if you wish to monitor an IBM pSeries servers with a VIO Server.

What does it fix?

Allows the monitoring of the VIO Server within the restricted shell.

This connector can only be used for remote monitoring.

Fixes an issue with the version included in KM 1.7 where the VIOS OS is not correctly identified in the detection criteria.

This connector will monitor the following:

  • Physical Disks
  • Memory Modules
  • Processors
  • Network Cards (Those that are allocated to, or shared by the VIO Server)
  • HBAs (Those that are allocated to, or shared by the VIO Server)

To retrieve environmental information, monitor one of the LPARs as you would a normal server, using the IBM - Common Connector. If a Network Card or HBA is exclusively allocated to a specific LPAR, that LPAR will also need to be monitored using the IBM - Common Connector. Missing device detection should be disabled when monitoring an LPAR as physical and virtual resources can dynamically be allocated / deallocated to the LPAR causing false missing device alarms.

How to install the patch?

  1. Copy the following files to the $PATROL_HOME/lib/MS_HW_hdf directory on the managed server:
    • MS_HW_IBMVIOS.hdf
  2. Re-initialize Hardware Sentry for the patch to take effect.
  3. Add a new remote monitoring of the VIO Server of type AIX.
  4. Select the IBM VIO Server connector and specify SSH credentials.
Nothing needs to be installed on Console systems.