Observability and Sustainability

Native OpenTelemetry solution for servers, network, and storage.

Announcing MetricsHub: The Next Generation Monitoring Agent

Experience cutting-edge monitoring with our new OpenTelemetry Agent. MetricsHub efficiently gathers metrics from diverse systems and applications and exposes them in your preferred observability back-end.

Hardware Sentry

Hardware Sentry is a 100% software solution that leverages the OpenTelemetry open-source instrumentation capabilities to integrate with all major observability platforms.

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Detect all hardware failures early

  • Prevent business-impacting issues and keep your organization's infrastructure up and running
  • Monitor the health and performance of your heterogeneous and hybrid infrastructure into one single console
  • Rely on customizable alerting rules to get notified early when a hardware failure is detected
  • Pinpoint faulty components and get detailed information about the root cause of hardware failures

Work with your preferred vendors

  • Continue working with your preferred vendor. We cover them all!
  • Rely on the emerging open-standard OpenTelemetry for data collection
  • Instrument Hardware Sentry once and expose metrics in multiple back-end platforms
  • Swap hardware vendors and models with limited configuration changes
  • Lower your costs of ownership and avoid proprietary data lock-in

Reduce your data center cooling costs

  • Visualize, in real time, thermal indicators and electricity costs and carbon emissions
  • Assess the ambient temperature and heating margin of your server rooms
  • Determine the optimal temperature for your data centers with actual metrics and data-driven recommendations
  • Safely increase the ambient temperature of your server rooms to lower carbon emissions and reduce energy costs: 5°C ↗ for 10% CO2 ↘ to save up to $18/server/year!

Deliver faster on your sustainability initiatives

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of your organization's power usage and carbon footprint
  • Meet the pressing requirements of government agencies to disclose organizations' carbon emissions
  • Improve your green reputation and make sustainability an integral part of your business culture
  • Measure the efficiency of your sustainability strategy

Ensure 100% project success with Sentry Desk™

  • Achieve deployment in complex or large environments safely and quickly
  • Rely on a team of certified experts to overcome unpredictable roadblocks
  • Get the attention you deserve whether your problem is big or small!
  • Interact with real people - no chatbot!
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