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Hardware Sentry

Integrating Hardware Sentry with ServiceNow

Centralizing crucial hardware and sustainability information throughout your entire IT infrastructure for comprehensive observation.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides IT service management and business process automation tools. It streamlines workflows, enables customization without extensive coding, and supports various business functions beyond IT. ServiceNow is known for its scalability and flexibility, making it a versatile solution for organizations aiming to enhance operational efficiency and service delivery.

Hardware Sentry is a comprehensive hardware observability solution providing full visibility into intricate IT infrastructure. Beyond monitoring physical health, the solution also offers insights into crucial sustainability metrics such as energy usage, electricity costs, and carbon emissions for every monitored system, server room, or data center.

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ServiceNow Integration

Key Features

hardware monitoring

Keep a close watch on the health of your hardware resources, encompassing processors, memory modules, disks, network cards, and other components. Simplify the diagnosis and troubleshooting procedures for your on-premises IT infrastructure.

carbon footprint diagnosis

Precisely assess the carbon footprint of your data centers and monitor how it evolves over time to verify your adherence to sustainability goals.

energy usage assessment

Assess the energy efficiency of your diverse data centers on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis using collected power consumption metrics (without the requirement for smart PDUs).

cooling cost efficiency

Determine the ideal temperature for your data centers using actual metrics and data-driven recommendations. Estimate potential savings by exploring a modest temperature increase.

ServiceNow Integration

Easy set up and configuration

Integrating Hardware Sentry with your operational ServiceNow Cloud Observability platform only requires a few installation and configuration steps:

  • 1
    Install Hardware Sentry
  • 2
    Define the servers, storage systems, network switches to monitor
  • 3
    Access the pre-built dashboards
  • 4
    Create an access token

Integration Documentation

Architecture Diagram

Hardware Sentry integrates smoothly with ServiceNow Cloud Observability. The bundled package includes a collection of observability and sustainability metrics, presented through extensive and customizable dashboards.