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Hardware Sentry

Monitor the processors, disks, controllers, network adapters, temperature sensors, etc. on all your systems.

Hardware Sentry is a vendor-agnostic solution to monitor the health of physical and virtual disks, controllers, blade servers, SAN switches, tape libraries, network adapters, temperature sensors, etc. in your datacenter. The solution also reports on power consumption, electricity costs and CO₂ emissions to support your SRE initiatives.


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Not Just Another Hardware Monitoring Tool!

  • 20 years of monitoring experience - Innovative observability solutions adopted by hundreds of customers worldwide.
  • Hardware observability - Vendor agnostic. Full visibility of health, availability, and performance of any server, network switch, or storage system.
  • Sustainability dashboards - Reports actual power consumption, electricity costs and carbon footprint of your IT infrastructure. Trend estimation and optimization indicators.
  • 100% software. No physical sensor required - Eliminates the hassle and extra costs of installing smart PDUs, even for sensor-less devices.
  • Standard distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector - Integrates with all major OpenTelemetry-based observability platforms.

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Integration with all major observability platforms

Coverage of all server, network, and storage vendors

  • Support for 100+ platforms from the oldest to most recent: Cisco, Dell EMC, IBM, Hitachi, HP, NetApp, Pure, etc.
  • Support of all monitoring standards: SNMP, IPMI, REST, WBEM, WMI, SSH, etc.
  • Standardization of metrics across any system brand and model
  • Instant access to context-rich logs and metrics

Unique pure-software solution for energy usage monitoring

  • Full visibility of power consumption of any server, network switch, or storage system
  • Algorithmic induction of energy usage where no integrated power sensors are available
  • Collection of customizable dashboards exposing power consumption, electricity costs and CO₂ emissions metrics for systems, applications, and services
  • Comprehensive ranking of the most energy-intensive server rooms and systems

risk-free optimization of server room temperature

  • Real-time temperature monitoring of the server rooms, systems, and internal components
  • Hosts temperature heatmap for detecting overheating risks
  • Data-driven recommendations for data centers' temperature optimization
  • Estimation of potential savings resulting from an optimal ambient temperature

carbon accounting for on-prem it infrastructures

  • Unique visibility into the environmental impact of on-prem infrastructures
  • Live carbon emissions report for each server and site composing the infrastructure
  • Historical trends of CO₂ emissions for evaluating sustainability initiatives efficiency
  • Detection of electricity peaks and over-consuming servers

Minimal deployment and configuration effort

  • Pure software solution that eliminates smart plugs or external sensor installation
  • Minimal configuration: hostname, credentials, that’s it!
  • Auto-discovery of all servers, network, and storage vendors
  • Regular updates adding support for latest platforms (based on customer demands)

Scalable Architecture

  • Monitoring capacity that scales up as your monitored environment grows
  • Automatic workload balance for optimal use of heterogenous resources
  • Automatic discovery and mapping of your environment
  • Zone-based monitoring of systems by applications, functionality, services, location, etc.