Hardware Sentry

Integrating Hardware Sentry with BMC Helix

Bringing together simplicity, power, and scalability for extensive hardware observability

BMC Helix Operations Management is part of the BMC Helix SaaS solutions. It uses service-centric monitoring, advanced event management, root cause isolation, and intelligent automation to improve performance and availability.

Hardware Sentry integrates with BMC Helix Operations Management to extend the capabilities of BMC Helix and detect hardware failures in servers, network switches and storage systems, and report on their electricity usage and carbon emissions.

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BMC Helix Integration

Key Features

hardware failures detection

Monitor the hardware health of all the servers, network switches, and storage systems that compose your data center and detect failures at an early stage, long before they impact business.

power consumption monitoring

Visualize the overall energy consumption of your IT infrastructure and drill-down to lower levels to identify the energy-intensive server rooms and hosts.

carbon impact monitoring

Accurately determine the carbon emissions of your data centers and observe their evolution over time to ensure you are on track with your commitments to sustainability.

temperature optimization

Assess the ambient temperature and heating margin of your server rooms and estimate the savings and CO₂ reductions that would result from an increase of their temperature.

BMC Helix Integration

Easy set up and configuration

Simply provide basic configuration properties and start collecting all relevant metrics on 100% of your monitored environment. The collected data is instantly available and exposed in your BMC Helix platform and dashboards.

  • 1
    Install Hardware Sentry
  • 2
    Configure the monitoring
  • 3
    Import dashboards
  • 4
    Configure the exporter

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