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Hardware Sentry

Integrating Hardware Sentry with New Relic

Consolidating crucial hardware and sustainability information for your entire IT infrastructure into one place.

New Relic is an observability platform that provides engineers with a data-centric strategy for designing, developing, deploying, and managing software.

Hardware Sentry is a fully software-based solution that leverages the open-source instrumentation capabilities of OpenTelemetry to seamlessly integrate with leading observability platforms and provide thorough insight into heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Beyond monitoring physical health, it also reports essential sustainability metrics, including energy usage, electricity cost, and carbon emissions for each monitored system, server room, or data center.

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New Relic Integration

Key Features

hardware monitoring

Monitor the health of your hardware resources, including processors, memory modules, disks, network cards, and more. Streamline diagnosis and troubleshooting processes for your on-premises IT infrastructure.

energy usage reports

Evaluate the energy efficiency of your various data centers daily, monthly, or yearly based on collected power consumption metrics (no smart PDUs needed).

carbon footprint analysis

Monitor and assess the CO₂ emissions linked to the energy consumption of your data centers. Enhance transparency regarding your environmental impact through the reports generated by Hardware Sentry.

cooling expense optimization

Identify the optimal temperature for your data centers through real metrics and data-driven suggestions. Estimate potential savings by considering a slight increase in temperature.

New Relic Integration

Effortless setup and configuration

Hardware Sentry seamlessly integrates with the New Relic platform, delivering a comprehensive package of observability and sustainability metrics. This solution ensures full visibility into your IT infrastructure, offering a turnkey approach with customizable dashboards tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The integration of Hardware Sentry with New Relic involves just a few straightforward installation and configuration steps:

  • 1
    Install Hardware Sentry
  • 2
    Define the servers, storage systems, network switches to monitor
  • 3
    Push metrics to New Relic
  • 4
    Install quickstart dashboard

Integration Documentation

Architecture Diagram

Hardware Sentry seamlessly integrates with your New Relic environment. The bundled package comprises a set of observability and sustainability metrics, which can be showcased through comprehensive and customizable dashboards.