ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Cloud Observability (formerly known as LightStep) can ingest the metrics collected by Hardware Sentry and expose them in pre-built dashboards.


Before you can start viewing the metrics collected by Hardware Sentry in ServiceNow Cloud Observability, you must:

  1. Download and install Hardware Sentry on one or more systems that has network access to the physical servers, switches and storage systems to be monitored
  2. Configure the monitoring of host(s)
  3. Use the Hardware Sentry pre-built dashboards
  4. Create an access token as explained in the ServiceNow Cloud Observability Documentation

Configuring the integration

To send hardware metrics to ServiceNow Could Observability, you need to add an otlp exporter in the otel-config.yaml file that points to as explained below:

  1. Open the otel-config.yaml configuration file which is usually stored under hws/otel

  2. Find the exporters section and edit it as follows:

      # [...]
          lightstep-access-token: <LIGHTSTEP_ACCESS_TOKEN>

    where <LIGHTSTEP_ACCESS_TOKEN> corresponds to the access token you previously created.

  3. Declare this otlp/lightstep exporter in the pipelines section as follows:

            receivers: [otlp, prometheus/internal]
            processors: [memory_limiter, batch, metricstransform]
            exporters: [otlp/lighstep] # <-- Add otlp/lighstep
  4. Restart Hardware Sentry to apply your changes.

    Refer to Configuring the OpenTelemetry Collector for more details.

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