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Unmatched Monitoring Solutions for Servers and SANs

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Monitor what's critical to business

Monitor Servers and Storage Devices

  • Get full insight into the IT and SAN infrastructure
  • Proactively detect hardware failures and storage performance issues
  • Prevent data loss and corruption
  • Keep tabs on the physical health of your servers and storage devices
  • Track latency to prevent device failures and obsolescence
Hardware Monitoring Storage Monitoring

Consolidate Your Sustainable IT Initiatives

  • Evaluate the power consumption of your IT assets and identify energy-intensive devices
  • Measure the temperature of more than 250 platforms and pinpoint overheating systems
  • Optimize the ambient temperature of your datacenter and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Monitor the CO₂ emissions, electricity usage and costs of your applications and services in real-time dashboards
Green IT Hardware Sentry
Consolidate your sustainable IT initiatives
Monitor Business Critical Applications

Monitor Business Critical Applications

  • Monitor in real-time any custom application and component
  • Measure the health and performance of any technology
  • Leverage free monitoring templates for uncovered technologies
  • Create custom dashboards with the business-critical applications key metrics
  • Benefit from real-time data collection, visualization and intelligent alert options
Monitoring Studio

Optimize Storage Resources

  • Understand how capacity is allocated and consumed
  • Identify possible risks of saturation and oversubscription
  • Effectively plan for future capacity needs
  • Ensure ROI of your deployed resources
  • Get reliable resource forecasting for identifying gaps
Storage Capacity Optimization

Keep your IT infrastructure on track

Increase uptime with Sentry Software's monitoring solutions.

Increase Uptime

  • Reduce time to resolve issues
  • Ensure business critical data is available at all time
  • Anticipate disruptions and maintain integrity
Reduce IT costs with Sentry Software's monitoring solutions.

Reduce Costs

  • Manage heterogeneous environments in a unique console
  • Keep energy and storage costs under control
  • Avoid unnecessary development expenses for custom monitoring
Optimize performance by monitoring the traffic of your SAN with Sentry Software's monitoring solutions.

Optimize performance

  • Monitor the traffic on the SAN
  • Identify and resolve performance issues
  • Prevent performance degradations
Ensure 100% of the IT infrastructure is up and running with Sentry Software's monitoring solutions.

Deliver high quality of services

  • Ensure 100% of the IT infrastructure is up and running
  • Deliver optimal storage performance
  • Make informed decisions about hardware and storage assets

Rely on seasoned consultants

Thanks to Sentry's experts:

  • Capitalize on your monitoring tools
  • Eliminate any monitoring gap
  • Implement a reliable monitoring environment tailored to your needs
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