Storage Monitoring

Storage Monitoring

Gain a unified visibility on your entire san infrastructure.


Storage Monitoring by Sentry Software monitors the health and performance of all SAN components to help administrators diagnose any availability issue. The backup hardware infrastructure, the backup applications, and the backup servers can also be monitored to early detect backup and restore problems.

Fully monitor major <span>storage devices</span> and <span>backup systems</span>

Fully monitor major storage devices and backup systems

  • Unique and comprehensive monitoring solution for multi-vendor SANs
  • Exhaustive monitoring of all layers of a storage device (controllers, storage pools, volumes, etc.)
  • Continuous supervision of the overall traffic and activity of all storage systems
  • Advanced coverage of major backup solutions' key areas such as jobs, clients, activity logs, tape drives, etc.

Quickly detect storage bottlenecks and performance issues

  • Intuitive graphical user interface to easily detect suspicious behaviors
  • Rapid fixing of SAN-related issues to better meet customer expectations
  • Effortless rationalizing of disk space utilization to avoid catastrophic data loss and corruption
  • Relentless hunt for high processor utilization to prevent possible performance degradations
Quickly detect <span>storage bottlenecks</span> and <span>performance issues</span>
<span>Backup</span> and <span>restore</span> performance monitoring for maximum <span>data protection</span>

Backup and restore performance monitoring for maximum data protection

  • Clear identification of peaks and troughs in the performance of your backup resources
  • Early detection of backup and restore errors
  • Permanent protection and availability of all data sets
  • Valuable assistance in ensuring compliance with backup policies

Reduce complexity and get full visibility of the entire SAN

  • Uninterrupted collection of storage performance metrics to keep total control of your SAN environment
  • End-to-end operational visibility across your datacenter from a single dashboard
  • Powerful reporting capabilities to easily analyze key performance indicators
  • Detailed performance statistics to evaluate the impact of the nightly backups
<span>Reduce complexity</span> and get <span>full visibility</span> of the entire SAN
Storage Monitoring

Key Benefits

Increase uptime

Reduce the time required to repair SAN-related issues.

Track issues

Identify storage performance bottlenecks and shorten the time spent to sort them out.

Plan ahead

Manage and plan storage capacity by reporting on disk space availability.

Protect data

Detect backup errors and provide backup statistics to ensure maximum data protection.

Storage Monitoring

Monitored Components

Disk Arrays

  • Disks and controllers failures
  • Fiber links issues
  • Storage allocation
  • Data traffic and I/Os
  • Power consumption

Fiber Switches

  • Fiber links (port, connection, etc.)
  • Utilization (traffic, bandwidth)
  • Power consumption

Tape Libraries

  • Tape drives and robotics failures
  • Tape drive utilization
  • Power consumption
  • Drive cleaning notification


  • Backup and restore activity
  • Backup and restore performance
  • Backup and restore errors
  • Devices and media
  • Log and database storage
  • Backup servers, services, and daemons
Storage Monitoring

Supported Platforms

Storage Monitoring

At a glance

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