Monitoring Studio X

A Free Web Interface and REST API to interact with the PATROL Agent.
A licensed toolbox to monitor anything!


Monitoring Studio X is the solution to monitor almost any technology (application, server, device, etc.) for which there is no out-of-the box monitoring solutions on the market. The impressive number of monitoring tools natively available in the Studio toolbox allows setting up advanced monitoring configurations easily and quickly. Thanks to its modern Web Interface and powerful REST API specially designed to easily interact with the PATROL Agent, Monitoring Studio X is the perfect companion of the TrueSight Administrator.

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Access the Web Interface directly from TrueSight Presentation Server
Get a detailed view of each monitored component, parameter, related Monitors and system configuration
Visualize all the events that are triggered by the PATROL Agent and get detailed information about cause and context
Design templates to monitor devices, systems or applications on several hosts
Manage user account rights to control the access to a PATROL Agent
Enable the Debug Mode for troubleshooting issues and open the debug files directly from the Web Console
Benefit from an interactive DOS prompt in the system where the PATROL Agent is running
Benefit from a full-featured terminal available for Linux and UNIX systems

Monitor Any Technology with Monitoring Studio

Like George, leverage Monitoring Studio's powerful features and see all your monitoring gaps disappear.

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2-way Integration with Prometheus

The PATROL Agent Exporter for Prometheus scrapes the PATROL Agent numeric parameters and exposes them to Prometheus as standard metrics

Patrol Agent Exporter For Prometheus

  • One patrol scraping job to expose PATROL Agent parameters to Prometheus.
  • Exhaustive information in Prometheus for each PATROL parameter (collect time, scraping time, product code, class, parameter name, hostname, FQDN, etc.)
  • Prometheus alerting rules based on the thresholds set for the PATROL metrics scraped. Alerting rules managed through Alertmanager
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Consume the metrics exposed by any Prometheus exporter in Monitoring Studio X and TrueSight

Template for any Prometheus Exporter

  • Monitoring Template to bring metrics from any Prometheus exporter to Monitoring Studio X, PATROL and TrueSight
  • Easy setup and customization of the template for any Prometheus exporter (thresholds, filtering, etc.)
  • Sorting of Prometheus metrics by Bytes, Fractions, Hertz / MHz, Seconds, and Others
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Monitoring Studio

Main Features

Direct access to the PATROL agent from truesight presentation server

  • Live and secure interaction with the PATROL Agent and its main components
  • Dynamic representation of the PATROL Agent's parameters and events
  • Secured access (full or read only) to the configuration functionality based on user rights level
  • Extended TrueSight’s interface with deep links to the Monitoring Studio X interface

Remote management of the PATROL Agent from an intuitive web console

  • Easy and integrated configuration capabilities to set PATROL Agent properties remotely
  • Real-time insight into the PATROL Agent behavior and PATROL Event Management
  • Diagnostic tools including a built-in Linux/Unix/Windows command prompt
  • A REST API for the PATROL Agent to automate tasks

A powerful and user-friendly thresholds management interface

  • Exhaustive list of current and applicable thresholds, including orphaned thresholds
  • Dynamic view while customizing thresholds to better identify impacts on the number of alerts generated
  • Edit, delete, mass-delete, export features available for all KMs
  • Easy troubleshooting of CMA policy issues

A modern implementation of the PATROL Console

  • Multiple views for parameters and their status
  • Live access to events at Agent level
  • Metric values and history
  • REST API for the PATROL Agent

Remote agent diagnostics

  • Powerful Agent configuration / thresholds capabilities
  • Interactive Command Prompt
  • Direct Access to Log Files
  • Ability to build and run PSL scripts

Interactive monitoring template design

  • Intuitive template design tool
  • Convenient templates import/export feature
  • Mass deployment of monitoring templates via CMA


The Web Interface and REST API are free to use to interact with the PATROL Agent. A license is only required to configure local and remote hosts and create templates.

Monitoring Templates

Discover the many monitoring possibilities offered by Monitoring Studio through a constantly enriched list of free configuration templates available on GitHub .

Templates on GitHub

Architecture and Integration

Monitoring Studio X can work as a standalone monitoring solution for small environments, requiring only a PATROL Agent or be setup in large TrueSight Operations Management environments.
Monitoring Studio X

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