P1262 - Specific Connector for EMC Disk Arrays

Jan 20, 2012
Patch for BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware - Version(s) 2.7.00,2.7.03,2.7.05,2.7.13,2.7.17,2.7.26

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Patch content

Connector file for EMC Disk Arrays

Should you install this patch?

Apply this patch if you wish to monitor EMC Disk Arrays with BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware.

What does it fix?

This patch optimizes the monitoring of EMC Disk Arrays:

  • Components have more meaningful identifiers.
  • Components are now always properly attached to the appropriate enclosures.
  • Storage Processors, Batteries and Ethernet port monitoring added.
  • Queries and code optimized to allow more and larger disk arrays to be monitored from the same Patrol Agent.
  • Adds Support for VNXe systems.

How to install the patch?

  1. Copy the following files to %RSM_HOME%\RSMxx\SEN_HW\hdf_27xx\ on each RSM:
    • MS_HW_EMCDiskArray.hdf
  2. Delete the database file for all EMC Disk Arrays Elements : %RSM_HOME%\RSMxx\server\rsm\tmp\deploy\sen_hw_database-[hostname].dat
    or Restart the RSM.
  3. Verify that the EMC Disk Array Elements are now using the EMC Disk Arrays connector and not the SMI-S Disk Arrays connector.