P1361 - Monitoring Fusion IO-Based ioDrives

Oct 24, 2012
Patch for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL - Version(s) 1.6.00,1.6.01,1.7.00,1.7.01,1.8.00

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Patch content

Connector file for Fusion IO-Based ioDrives.

Should you install this patch?

Apply this patch if you wish to monitor Fusion IO Based ioDrives (Also known as IBM High IOPS SSD PCIe Adaptors / HP IO Accelerator for BladeSystem c-Class).

What does it fix?

Adds monitoring of Fusion IO-Based ioDrives via the fio-status utility. Sudo / root access is required to run this utility on Unix based systems.

How to install the patch?

  1. Copy the MS_HW_FusionIO.hdf file to the $PATROL_HOME/lib/MS_HW_hdf directory
  2. Re-initialize the KM ([right-click] on the main Hardware Sentry icon > [KM Commands] > [Reinitialize KM...]).