P1552 - Improved Performance on Linux Platforms

Jul 08, 2014
Patch for Veritas Cluster Server KM for PATROL - Version(s) 2.5.00

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Patch content

Command script

Should you install this patch?

Install this patch if you are using VCS KM v2.5.00 on a Linux platform.

What does it fix?

Poor performance has been noticed when VCS KM v2.5.00 was configured to run with a sudo user account and the hastart command was not allowed in the sudoers file. To prevent this issue, the "" script attached now provides the information required during the initial KM discovery, thus avoiding the need to run the hastart command.

How to install the patch?

  1. Unzip
  2. Copy the following file to $PATROL_HOME/lib/VCS directory on the managed server:
  3. No need to restart the PATROL Agent. Nothing needs to be installed on other platforms or Console systems.