P1553 - Monitoring Hitachi (HDS) AMS, HUS with HSNM2 CLI

Jul 11, 2014
Patch for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL - Version(s) 1.8.00,1.8.01,1.8.02,1.9.00

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Patch content

Connector for Hitachi HDS AMS/HUS Storage Systems

Should you install this patch?

Install this patch if you wish to monitor Hitachi (HDS) AMS, HUS Storage Systems. This monitoring method replaces the previous SMI-S (WBEM) based connector "Hitachi HDS Disk Arrays", which relied on Hitachi Device Manager.

What does it fix?

This new connector adds monitoring of Hitachi (HDS) AMS, HUS Storage Systems through the Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2 CLI.

Note: Sentry Software recommends using this new connector instead of the previous monitoring method (through the SMI-S provider of Hitachi Device Manager). The information provided by the Hitachi Device Manager SMI-S provider is indeed not accurate as it always reports the status of all components as "OK".

How to install the patch?

  1. Make sure that the Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2 CLI is properly installed and configured (see KB article Monitoring Hitachi AMS / HUS systems using the HSNM2 CLI)
  2. If the PATROL Agent is installed:
    • on a Linux Server, copy the MS_HW_HitachiSNM2CLILinux.hdf file to the $PATROL_HOME/lib/MS_HW_hdf directory
    • on a Windows server, copy the MS_HW_HitachiSNM2CLINT.hdf file to %PATROL_HOME%\lib\MS_HW_hdf directory
  3. Nothing needs to be installed on Console systems.