P1595 - Sun Solaris: False alarms on LEDs, Invalid Temperature and Voltage Values

Jan 02, 2015
Patch for BMC Performance Manager Express for Hardware - Version(s) 2.7.26,2.7.28,2.9.00,2.9.10,2.9.20

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Patch content

Connector for "Sun Solaris - Environment (prtpicl)"

Should you install this patch?

Apply this patch on Sun SPARC servers running Solaris if you get a false alarm on one or several LED instances or if you get incorrect values or false alarms for temperature and voltage sensors.

What does it fix?

When the color of a LED cannot be retrieved, its status is interpreted based on the name or label of the LED. In some cases, the connector failed to properly interpret the role of the LED. For some temperature and voltage sensors, the connector failed to interpret the reported value by the prtpicl command because of the exponent property.

How to install the patch?

Copy the MS_HW_SunPrtpicl.hdf file to %RSM_HOME%\RSMxx\SEN_HW\hdf_2xxx\ on each RSM.