P9004 - 1800B01: Patch Bundle for Hardware Sentry KM 1.8.00

Oct 15, 2013
Patch for Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL - Version(s) 1.8.00

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Patch content

This patch bundle contains all the patches currently available for Hardware Sentry KM 1.8.00:

  1. P1295: High ErrorPercent values for Brocade SAN Switches
  2. P1304: Cisco Telnet Switches - Incorrect numbering of Fans
  3. P1306: Detection Criteria Failing for IBM Director 6.2.1 Agents
  4. P1308: Connectors for Sun Servers running Solaris
  5. P1310: Data Domain Upgrade Patch
  6. P1313: Connector File for HP StorageWorks MSA 2000 and P2000
  7. P1316: Add support for some special characters in password associated with...
  8. P1327: Monitoring Sun SPARC Systems using the PrtPicl Connector
  9. P1329: Connector File for HP StorageWorks MSA 2000 and P2000
  10. P1331: nawk.exe issue on Windows systems
  11. P1334: Battery monitoring for IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000 Storage Systems
  12. P1336: WBEM Query Failures Due to Memory Leaks
  13. P1338: NetApp Filers - Missing Devices
  14. P1340: IBM Director 6.3 or Later: Missing Temperature and Voltage Thresholds
  15. P1342: IBM DS Storage Systems (smcli): Various Issues
  16. P1344: Data Domain Connector Upgrade
  17. P1346: Preventing Duplicate Instances of HBA Cards on HP Servers
  18. P1348: Monitoring Recent Oracle (SUN) x86 Servers Using IPMI
  19. P1350: Collection Stops When Modifying the Threshold Mechanism
  20. P1351: Monitoring disks on VMware ESX servers
  21. P1353: Unreported power supply and memory module failures
  22. P1359: Cisco Telnet Switches - Ethernet, Embedded
  23. P1361: Monitoring Fusion IO-Based ioDrives
  24. P1362: Improved Monitoring of HP EVA Disk Arrays
  25. P1364: Monitoring HP-UX Servers via WBEM
  26. P1366: NetApp Filers - NVRam Battery Monitoring
  27. P1368: Improved Monitoring of EMC Storage Systems
  28. P1372: Monitoring Systems with 10Gbps Ports
  29. P1374: Logical Volumes on Windows Systems
  30. P1376: Sun Blade Chassis - Monitoring Power Supplies
  31. P1378: HP ProLiant servers running VMware ESX
  32. P1380: Enabling WBEM and SSL Connections on IBM AIX and HP Servers
  33. P1381: Brocade, McData and Fibre Alliance Switches monitored using SNMP
  34. P1383: Brocade Switch WWN Card Monitoring
  35. P1385: Missing Objects in Sun ILOM SSH Connector for Blades
  36. P1387: Monitoring Dell Servers with iDRAC7 Management Cards
  37. P1391: Incorrect Temperature Values in HP Bladesystem Using SNMP
  38. P1393: NIC Teaming in HP Proliant Servers
  39. P1395: Support for multipath in RHEL6 and SLES 11
  40. P1399: Monitoring Hitachi (HDS) Disk Arrays
  41. P1402: IBM DS Storage Systems (smcli): "By-passed" Physical Disks not discovered
  42. P1408: Improving IBM Blade Chassis Monitoring
  43. P1411: Reporting on Specific EMC Physical Status Values
  44. P1414: Patch for Linux servers with emX or pXpY network ports
  45. P1416: Improving EMC Storage Systems monitoring within BPPM
  46. P1418: Connector File for HP StorageWorks MSA 2000 and P2000
  47. P1420: HP Servers - Invalid Temperature Thresholds
  48. P1422: DataDirect Networks Storage Appliances
  49. P1424: Improving Ports Monitoring on Servers running Solaris 11
  50. P1427: Missed Failures on Sun/Oracle Solaris Systems
  51. P1429: IBM AIX Servers - LUN monitoring
  52. P1431: Physical disks not discovered in VIO Server when monitored from a Linux...
  53. P1432: Fujitsu Servers running ESX
  54. P1434: Monitoring IBM TS3200 Tape Libraries
  55. P1436: Monitoring IBM TS3100 Tape Libraries
  56. P1438: Monitoring Dell TL2000/4000 Tape Libraries
  57. P1440: Improved CPU monitoring in Sun/Oracle Solaris servers
  58. P1442: No Monitoring of Disks on Sun Solaris
  59. P1444: Improved Monitoring of SMI-S Compliant RAID Controllers
  60. P1446: Support for 'multipath' in RedHat RHEL6 and SuSe SLES 11
  61. P1448: Monitoring Fujitsu Servers running VMware ESX
  62. P1450: Inaccurate Reported Status of Blade Servers in Cisco UCS Blade Chassis
  63. P1452: Monitoring of network interfaces does not work on HP ProLiant systems...
  64. P1455: Monitoring Brocade Network Advisor (SMI Agent)
  65. P1457: Add Support for Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER Servers (sun4us)
  66. P1459: Monitoring HBAs in HP-UX Servers
  67. P1461: Missing Temperature Sensors for HP BladeSystem c7000 Chassis
  68. P1463: Monitoring IBM DS6000/DS8000 Disk Arrays
  69. P1465: Improved Monitoring of IBM VIO Servers
  70. P1467: Improve support of Oracle/Sun servers through their ILOM card
  71. P1468: Manage Dell Storage Manager Identifiers
  72. P1471: Improved Monitoring of Sun StorageTek StreamLine Tape Libraries
  73. P1473: Failed Controller in EMC Storage Systems Not Reported
  74. P1475: Adding LED Monitoring for Sun SPARC Servers (Prtpicl) Systems
  75. P1477: Monitoring Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers running Windows
  76. P1479: Special Characters in WBEM Password
  77. P1480: Status of Blades in Dell PowerEdge M1000e Chassis
  78. P1482: "Unknown" Port Status in Cisco MDSand Nexus Switches
  79. P1484: Bad Temperature and Voltage Thresholds in IBM xSeries Servers

Should you install this patch?

This patch should be installed to upgrade Hardware Sentry KM 1.8.00

What does it fix?

Please refer to each description page to know what do they fix.

How to install the patch?

On Windows, unzip the following file to the %PATROL_HOME% directory on the managed systems:


On UNIX, untar the following file to the $PATROL_HOME directory on the managed systems:

  • 1800B01.tar

Reinitialize the KM ([right-click] on the main Hardware icon in the PATROL Console > [KM Commands] > [Reinitialize...]). And then restart the PATROL Agents for the patch bundle to take effect.