P9009 - 2701B02: Patch Bundle 2 for Tivoli Storage Manager KM 2.7.01

Jul 15, 2014
Patch for Tivoli Storage Manager KM for PATROL - Version(s) 2.7.01

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Patch content

NOTE: This bundle replaces Patch Bundle 2701B01.

This patch bundle contains all the patches currently available for Tivoli Storage Manager KM 2.7.01. It consists of the following files:

  • PSL library files
  • KM files
  • Command files

Should you install this patch?

Apply this patch bundle if:

  • you are receiving false alerts from TSMLoginStatus or from storage pool migration related parameters
  • repeated unable to obtain lock messages or missing TSM parameter messages are seen on System Output Window (SOW)
  • you do not receive alarms for missing TSM daemons
  • you are using PCM to configure the KM paths
  • you do not receive custom events for TSM actlog alarms and warnings

What does it fix?

  • TSM-134: A configuration problem prevented the proper monitoring of different TSM instances through different PATROL Agents on the same TSM server, causing the KM to stop operating. A procedure is now available in the Knowledge Base of the Sentry’s Web site that describes how to configure the KM in order to monitor multiple IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server instances.
  • TSM-141: The TSMLoginStatus parameter triggered false warning when errors from the JOB_TEXT command output occurred.
  • TSM-142: The product sometimes failed to trigger alerts for missing TSM daemons.
  • TSM-161 & TSM-168: When activated, the TSMDaemonCollectorExecTime parameter was not appearing in the console under Daemons. Also, an error is displayed on the SOW for the same missing parameter.
  • TSM-167: When monitoring multiple TSM instances using different PATROL Agents, dsmadmc interface hangs intermittently. The interface access is changed to lock across Agents to avoid simultaneous dsmadmc command executions.
  • TSM-179: Migration related parameters (TSMPoolSpaceMigrated, TSMPoolSpaceMigratedPercent & TSMPoolSpaceMigrationElapsed) are not available for copy storage pools.
  • TSM-180: The KM would create unknown job instance (: @ <unknown>) at times, with all offline parameters.
  • TSM-186: When upgrading the KM to version 2.7.01, custom log filters for alarm and warning were lost.
  • TSM-188: The KM temporary file system fills up when aclog query grows. To avoid this, a warning message is added to System Output Window (SOW) when any monitored log is not fully processed due to log scan limitation.
  • TSM-224: On Linux platforms, the commands were randomly corrupted and caused the KM to fail.
  • TSM-225: The KM Home Directory path can now be shared when multiple TSM instances are monitored. The KM Temp Directory, KM Debug Directory and DSM Log paths must however remain different (see KB article Monitoring Multiple IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server Instances (TSM)).
  • TSM-241: The KM custom paths were lost when they were set through PCM and when the PATROL Agent was not restarted immediately after the update.
  • TSM-269: Due to a PATROL events limitation, the KM failed to trigger log events when a large amount of errors were found in the TSM activity log.

How to install the patch?

  1. On Windows, unzip the following file to the %PATROL_HOME% directory on the managed systems, while logged in as default PATROL Agent user:
  2. On UNIX, untar the following file to the $PATROL_HOME directory on the managed systems, while logged in as default PATROL Agent user:
    • tsm_2701B02.tar
  3. Restart the PATROL Agent for the patch to take effect. Nothing needs to be installed on Console systems.
Additional Procedure

If you are intending to use the Tivoli Storage Manager KM for monitoring multiple TSM instances on the same TSM server, please follow this Knowledge Base article: Monitoring Multiple IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server Instances (TSM).