Green IT: How Can Companies Consume Differently?

An IT for Business Event - Nov 22 - Paris, France

Green IT: How Can Companies Consume Differently?

Bertrand Martin, Sentry Software's CEO, and Florent Perot, Senior Solution Engineer with BMC Software, were invited to participate in the “La Matinale”, a live show organized by IT for Business. They presented their expert option on how companies can balance IT costs and low carbon footprint.

There are multiple reasons why companies around the world seek low-cost strategies to cut carbon emissions, from cutting back on high power bills and reducing their environmental impact to improve their reputation among their customers and employees. But the reflection is accelerating. Companies worldwide feel increasing pressure to stand out from the competition in a market where customers tend to favor providers embracing an eco-responsible approach.

The first step to cutting carbon emissions is knowing where to focus your attention. First, you need to set a baseline, then define an objective, realistic and measurable, and then measure your power consumption and costs, and the associated CO₂ emissions. This is where Sentry Software and BMC Software step in. Sentry Software's Observability and Sustainability solution (Hardware Sentry) fully integrates with BMC Helix, to measure and report all the required indicators that will help our customers to build and implement their carbon reduction strategy.

For example, among all the possible actions IT administrators can take, the most easily accessible is to optimize the existing infrastructure, i.e. improve server allocation, uncover shadow IT and unused virtual systems. It is commonly admitted that 40 % of storage systems are underused or not used at all. Hardware Sentry and BMC Helix can detect and report IT structural flaws and help streamline capacity to improve performance, prevent energy waste and actively support the fight against climate change.

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