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Empowering Sustainable IT Practices: Sentry Software Joins Forces with New Relic for Instant Observability

Sentry Software partners with New Relic to help organizations track their carbon footprint with on-prem infrastructure observability.

Empowering Sustainable IT Practices: Sentry Software Joins Forces with New Relic for Instant Observability

In a groundbreaking move towards comprehensive observability, Sentry Software, a leader in hardware and storage observability, proudly unveils its integration with New Relic. This collaboration combines the cutting-edge capabilities of Hardware Sentry with the robust features of New Relic, creating a powerful alliance for organizations seeking unparalleled IT visibility and efficiency.

Hardware Sentry's integration with New Relic offers a multitude of features and advantages, enabling users to bolster hardware observability, enhance environmental transparency, scrutinize energy consumption, and optimize cooling expenses . This integration streamlines on-premises IT infrastructure diagnosis and troubleshooting processes, monitors CO₂ emissions linked to data center energy consumption, and effortlessly evaluates energy efficiency across various data centers.

Benefits and capabilities

With a strong commitment to sustainable IT practices, Sentry Software's solution delivers crucial sustainability metrics for each monitored system, server room, or data center. The integration aligns with Bertrand Martin's advocacy for prioritizing observability in the pursuit of lowering carbon emissions. Bertrand emphasizes that empowering organizations with robust monitoring and observability solutions is key to making meaningful progress and providing users with the necessary insights to address carbon emissions effectively.

With this integration, you can:

  • Monitor complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructures: Monitor processors, memory modules, disks, network cards, and more, streamlining on-premises IT infrastructure diagnosis and troubleshooting processes.
  • Analyze energy consumption: Effortlessly assess energy efficiency across multiple data centers using daily, monthly, or yearly power consumption metrics.
  • Improve environmental transparency: Monitor and assess CO₂ emissions tied to data center energy consumption, enhancing visibility through Hardware Sentry-generated reports on your environmental impact.
  • Optimize cooling expenses: Safely increase the temperature of your data centers and save money.

The Hardware Sentry integration with New Relic comes with a robust out-of-the-box dashboard that visualizes key metrics to help you monitor the health, performance, and cost of your on-premise IT infrastructure. It also includes built-in alerts to stay on top of changes to important indicators like battery charge, connector status degradation, devices in failing or warning states, non-responsive hosts, and low disk endurance utilization.

Get started today

The Hardware Sentry integration with New Relic is available at no additional cost to all New Relic full platform users. To get started, install the Hardware Sentry quick start from New Relic Instant Observability and check out the documentation. If you're brand new to New Relic, sign up for a free account to get full stack observability and sustainability monitoring in a single platform.

Sentry Software's collaboration with New Relic marks a significant step forward in the realm of IT observability and sustainability. By joining forces, these industry leaders empower organizations with the tools and insights needed to navigate complex IT infrastructures while making substantial progress towards environmental responsibility. As businesses continue to prioritize sustainability, the integration offers a timely solution to address both IT efficiency and carbon emissions effectively.

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